Saturday, March 17, 2007

Are you a Hollywood producer looking for fresh talent and original screenplays? Then you have come to the right place. Without doubt, the public grow weary of formula movies, remakes, sequels, toilette humour and unoriginal plots thought up by the jaded writers that monopolise Hollywood's ailing film industry. In their desperation to keep churning out movies, Hollywood seems to be turning to the unappetising true tales of serial killers and the already oh so over-done graphic novels and comic book characters. Try something new and brilliant!

Star Warrior
Sci Fi action thriller

A child stolen by aliens returns to Earth as their spy, his brain wired by their hi tech control circuitry and trained for all froms of combat...

Action romance

In the African bush, a poacher kidnaps a conservationist who tries to shoot him, but she discovers that he is not a poacher at all...

Romance thriller

A show jumper buys a horse from South America, unaware that drug smugglers have used her as a mule. When the horse's previous trainer comes to help, sparks fly...

Pawn's Game

A ghost from her past haunts a young girl, protects her, but frightens her. He loved her in a previous life, and has now struck a deal with the Devil that, if she falls in love with him again, he will be granted a mortal lifetime to spend with her...

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